Kingdom 3, spoilers: role of Ashin, Aidagan and more previews of the third season

After the first teasers from director Kim Seong Hoon, come more teasers from the Kingdom Season 3. This time, from the voice of Kim Eun Hee, a writer who brings to life with her pen the script of this hit historical and zombie-themed K-drama.

Screenwriter for the Korean Netflix series gave an interview to Korea JoongAng Daily recently, following the premiere of Kingdom: Ashin del norte. In conversation with the Korean media, the 49-year-old author tied up loose ends of the spin-off. In addition, he released spoilers of what will be seen in the new installment.

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What will happen to the saengsacho in Kingdom 3?

Ashin of the north shows how Ashin, a character played by Jun Ji Hyun, deciphers a ruin about the saengsacho in Pyesagun when she was a child, but who originally left this code and more truths of the resurrection plant have not yet been revealed in the kingdom universe. So what will the parasite look like in the next installment?

In this regard, Kim Eun Hee anticipates that there will be a clearer control over the functioning of the infectious element, and that this skill will have Pyesagun as a key piece.

“The Pyesagun region is of great importance related to the many secrets behind the resurrection plant, which is why the place poses a threat. And remember, the plant parasite still remains in the bitten baby king from season two, although its effects have yet to manifest within him. So, there are secrets within the palace. The key behind saengsacho is that the plant hates heat, but why its effects become contagious when heat is applied to the plant is explained in Pyesagun, and I think this place holds the crucial key on how to prevent or slow down the spread of the disease ”, he details.

Resurrection Plant turns humans into zombies in Kingdom. Photo: Netflix

Ashin still does not know how the saengsacho works

Key factor for Kingdom season 3, according to the scriptwriter of the series: Ashin She still does not know how the saengsacho spreads the zombie virus, so it will be extremely important to pay attention when she reaches the knowledge through Seo Bi’s (Bae Doo Na) diary.

“Ashin doesn’t know it yet, and this factor will become a very crucial one to continue the narrative of season three. Very few have discovered the secret of its contagious quality until the second season. The only people she voluntarily brought back from the dead were her tribe, and she would never have thought of using the plant as a weapon until she discovered the real reason behind her people’s death. Due to the explosion of extreme rage and hatred, he takes revenge on Min Chi Rok’s (Park Byung Eun) military camp, but has yet to discover his contagion. Director Kim Seong Hoon showed me how he portrayed that scene (when Ashin plants saengsacho inside the soldiers) when the first military man turned into a zombie bites one of the other two soldiers and he dies. He does not become a zombie, just like the servant dies harmlessly after he was bitten by the ex-king at the beginning of the first season. Ashin just put the plant in a big group and created more zombies. Then, One of the highlights of season three will be when Ashin finally gets her hands on Seo Bi’s diary. (containing all the secrets he discovered through his experience) ”.

Bae Doo Na es Seo Bi and Kingdom. Photo: Netflix

What will happen to Min Chi Rok?

The special Kingdom chapter also revealed the terrible act he committed Min Chi Rok, commander of Joseon, to save his own from the yurchen of Pajeowi: sacrifice the people of Ashin.

On what will happen to this character, who gained sympathy from the public in the central story of Kingdom for his fidelity to the justice that the prince was looking for, the writer revealed: “As shown in the second season, he is a fiercely loyal character that I believed that he would do anything for the good of his country. In a way, I think his background is similar to Lord Ahn Hyeon’s (Huh Joon Ho). Ahn Hyeon was the model of an impeccable leader driven by his belief in Confucian values, but agreed to sacrifice the minority for the common good; in this case, it was to save the country from the Japanese invasion. So he spends the rest of his life burdened by her guilt, which is somehow relieved when he sacrifices himself to help Lee Chang (Joo Ji Hoon). What viewers could anticipate for season three is seeing Min Chi Rok’s remorse manifest in the story over his betrayal. “

Commander Min Chi Rok in Kingdom: Ashin del norte. Photo: Netflix

What else to expect from Kingdom season 3?

The public can also expect to see in Kingdom season 3 a plague greater than the previous ones and the repercussions of the stories of the leader of the Pajeowi tribe, Aidagan (Goo Kyo Hwan), and Ashin, but mainly the protagonism of this woman who swore to end the yurchen and all of Joseon in revenge of his annihilated people.

“In season three, the past of Ashin y Aidagan it greatly impacts the narrative, obviously. To be honest, I imagine a bigger epidemic, much more immense compared to the first two seasons. As the characters come together or collide to prevent the spread of the plague, Ashin will be at the center of all of them, ”Kim Eun Hee pointed out in this regard.

Ashin y Aidagan en Kingdom: Ashin of the north. Foto: composición LR/Netflix


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