These are the new series and seasons coming to Netflix in August

A new month emerges in 2021 with news for Netflix that has everything. Then we leave you with the most unblocked of the month:

  • The director (8/20/2021)
    At a prestigious university, the first woman of color to become a professor tries to meet the expectations of a failing Department of Literature.
  • Control Z: Season 2 (4/8/2021)
    It is a new semester at the National School, and it seems that everyone has forgotten about Luis. Until a stranger takes over his social networks and begins to threaten revenge on those who made his life hell.
  • Everything is going to be fine (8/20/2021)
    Created and directed by Diego Luna, this series takes place in Mexico City and is a ‘dramedia’ that reflects on the idea of ​​family and relationships today.
  • Good Girls: Season 4 (8/31/2021)
    Under the strict watch of federal agents, Beth, Ruby, and Annie weigh the pros and cons of their jobs, as do Dean and Stan.
  • Clickbait (25/8/2021)
    In this suspense series, eight different points of view provide promising clues about the perpetrator of a brutal crime fueled by social media.
  • The Kingdom (8/13/2021)
    A religious leader assumes the presidential candidacy of Argentina after an assassination, while the prosecution seeks to unravel the truth.
  • Hit & Run (6/8/2021)
    In search of the truth about his wife’s death, a man finds himself trapped in a dangerous web of secrets that stretches from New York to Tel Aviv.
  • UFOs: Declassified Top Secret Projects (8/3/2021)
    Although encounters with aliens were never taken entirely seriously, many people believe that the existence of UFOs is not just a possibility, but a fact.
  • In the kitchen with Paris Hilton (8/4/2021)
    Proving that anyone can cook, Paris Hilton adds her own essence to each dish. A cooking show unique and pure shine. The fun is on!
  • Happiness awake! With Marie Kondo (8/31/2021)
    Marie Kondo returns with an entirely new series, and this time, she undertakes the daunting task of ordering an entire town.
  • Titletown High (28/8/2021)
    A sports reality show that chronicles the lives, both on and off the field, of the members of the Valdosta High School football team.
  • New cherry flavor (8/13/2021)
    A filmmaker moves to L. Á. in the nineties to make her first movie, but soon she is involved in a psychedelic spiral of sex, magic, revenge and … kittens.
  • Valeria: Season 2 (8/13/2021)
    The four friends are the safety net that each one needs to face important decisions, both professionally and in love.
  • Pastry Squad (8/11/2021)
    Expert pastry chefs take desserts to another level with amazing creativity and epic execution. The battle to win over customers begins now!
  • Forever and ever (8/13/2021)
    Ten years have passed since he lost the two people he loved the most. Now he is plunged into another turbulent mystery after the sudden disappearance of his girlfriend.
  • Motel Remodels (8/25/2021)
    Two budding hoteliers seek to expand their empire with the renovation of an old motel in Ontario… just as the COVID-19 pandemic hits.
  • The Defeated (8/18/2021)
    In 1946, an American policeman arrives in Berlin to help build a police force amid the chaotic aftermath of the war.
  • Post mortem: No one dies in Skarnes (8/25/2021)
    They thought she was dead, but no. He has woken up and now he just wants to drink blood … a profitable vice for her family’s distressed funeral home.
  • For Life: Perpetual Cadena – Season 1 (1/8/2021)
    He is in prison for a crime he did not commit. Now, received as a lawyer, he will be in charge of defending other prisoners and reversing his own sentence.
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Temporada 5  (17/8/2021)
    Khloé and basketball star Lamar Odom celebrate their first anniversary as Kourtney and Scott try to have another baby. The Kardashian family is back!
  • The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Temporada 5 (17/8/2021)
    These friends and rivals – without Carlton or Joyce – are back for another season of drinking, fighting and loads of glamor in Beverly Hills, the pinnacle of drama.

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