Kingdom Season 3: Part 3 Sneak Peek Revealed By Director Kim Seong Hoon

UPGRADE. Spoiler alert. After Kim Seong Hoon’s reveals, Kim Eun Hee provided other previews of Kingdom season 3. One of the points advanced by the scriptwriter is the relevance of the characters Ashin and Aidagan for the new installment of the series.

Ashin and Aidagan in Kingdom: Northern Ashin. Photo: LR / Netflix composition

He also spoke about what the public might expect from Commander Min Chi Rok, who, as recalled, is directly involved in the annihilation of the Ashin tribe.

Min Chi Rok and Kingdom: Ashin del norte. Photo: Netflix

PREVIOUS. First official details of Kingdom temporada 3 They arrive from South Korea by Kim Seong Hoon, director of the Netflix K-drama that has captured thousands around the world with the plot of the historic Joseon struggling to survive a zombie epidemic.

On July 28 (KST), the director gave an interview to Korean outlet E Daily, where he revealed details of the anticipated third season and its connection with the special chapter or spin-off Kingdom: Ashin of the north released on the 23rd. What were these statements?

Jun Ji Hyun protagoniza Kingdom: Ashin del norte. Foto: Netflix

On receiving Kingdom: North Ashin

After its launch last Friday, the special installment starring Jun Ji Hyun It ranks at the top of the most watched on Netflix, according to data from the analysis site Fixpatrol.

About receiving the spin-off, which also functions as a prequel to the main series, and about its pre-production, the PD stated: “It has been more than two years since I heard about North Ashin, and after seeing the script that was completed last spring, I saw hundreds of of times for over twelve months and I waited for the release date. “

“There were some positive responses and some disappointing ones. So far, I’ve heard that it’s been in the top 10 on Netflix in about 80 countries, including Korea, Hong Kong, Austria, the US, Germany, France, and Canada, and I’ve also heard that it was rated as a movie. I am grateful for the enthusiastic response, “he continued, according to E Daily.

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On Kingdom 3 and its link with the spin-off

The spin-off tells the story of Ashin, the only survivor of a yurchen tribe that was massacred during the Japanese invasion of the Joseon kingdom years before the main series, and how she is related to the origin of the plague that sprouts with the contagion of the king.

Addressing the connection of the 92-minute special, PD Kim Seong Hoon also teased what audiences can expect from the opening of the show. third season of Kingdom.

Joo Ji Hoon plays Crown Prince Lee Chang in Kingdom. Photo: Netflix

This is what he said in the K-media article:

“Ashin from the north is like a stepping stone that will connect Kingdom 3. If you look at the first two seasons, the story starts in the palace, goes down to Dongnae south of Hanyang and then goes up north through the kingdom again. For Ashin’s story to spread better, I needed an explanation of this character. “

“I wanted to be able to predict what kind of pain I had through the special and what kind of conflict it would cause in the future. If that happens, then in the first scene of season 3, Lee Chang (Joo Ji Hoon), no matter how the two of them are, they can give a lot of energy and tension just by seeing each other. I tried to include everything as much as possible because it was short. That’s why I spent most of my time thinking about it and putting a lot of effort into each scene. “

Kim Sung Hoon, director of Kingdom and North Ashin spin-off. Photo: E Daily

What else will be seen in the third season of Kingdom?

“Season 3 of Kingdom will have a confrontation between Ashin, who wants to destroy the world, and Lee Chan, who wants to save it,” he replied in conversation with Hankook Ilbo Kim Eun Hee, author of the manhwa in which the series is inspired (The kingdom of the goods).

Another point for fans to consider is what will happen between the yurchen woman and the one directly responsible for the annihilation of her tribe, the commander of the Joseon Army, who was loyal to the crown in the central story.

Commander Min Chi Rok in Kingdom: Ashin del norte. Photo: Netflix

When is Kingdom 3 released?

Like the previous installments and the special, Kingdom 3 will feature the joint work of the aforementioned PD and the screenwriter and writer Kim Eun Hee.

On the other hand, details about the release date of the third season.

Kim Eun Hee, Korean screenwriter and writer. Photo: Naver

Joo Ji Hoon and Jun Ji Hyun in a new K-drama

Kingdom stars and northern Ashin Joo Ji Hoon and Jun Ji Hyun They have another K-drama project together coming to screens soon. This is Jiri Mountain, a new mystery series about rangers.

Interestingly, this upcoming production also features a script by Kim Eun Hee.

Jun Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon in previews of Jiri Mountain. Photo: Naver

Additionally, it features a lineup of other acting stars accompanying the leads in the cast.

Some of these names are: up-and-coming young Go Min Si Oh Jung Se, who moved in with her work on It’s okay to not be okay in 2020, and veterans Sung Dong Il and Kim Young Ok.

Sung Dong Il and Oh Jung Se were confirmed at Jiri Mountain in late 2020. Photo: Korean People News

Adelanto de Jiri Mountain. Photo: Naver

It also appears in the cast Jun Suk Ho |, interpreter for Magistrate Cho Bum Pal of the opposing clan who teams up with Prince Lee Chang in Kingdom.

Jun Suk Ho is Cho Bum Pal in Kingdom (1 and 2). Photo: Netflix



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